WestPark Alpacas

A very nice place with friendly and approachable alpacas

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WestPark Great Things

Fiber arts toys and treasures

The farm and alpacas are just the beginning of the story. The story's true hero is the alpaca fiber - and what it is used to create.



Some of the items made by local cottage crafters.

  The Alpaca's are curious and they love to see what they've helped make.    





The fiber can be cleaned, tumbled, picked, carded and formed into batts and roving donated to cottage crafters.



Eco-printing is the natural transfer of organic shapes, patterns, and colors onto silk, aplaca, or other fine fabrics for the WestPark's

unique one of-a-kind heirloom accessories and artifacts.



We have a herd of alpaca puppets looking to be adopted. They are numbered and registered just like real alpacas for identity and confirmation of lineage.

After adoption, we want to see them on your travel excursions. We'll post their travel photos with name and location here on our site. Please send in your photos for us to display in our gallery.


Wednesday, October 19, 2022