WestPark Alpacas

A very nice place with friendly and approachable alpacas

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Experience the Alpaca Lifestyle

Leave the hectic city life for a day, and spend some time with cute and friendly alpaca at WestPark Alpaca. Visit our farm and experience the true joy of interacting with alpacas. Escape from a fast-paced urban environment to the quiet surroundings of our alpaca farm.


Enriching Lifestyle of Alpacas

WestPark Alpacas provides direct access to the alpacas in the barn and in the field. Guided tours allow your family to experience the tranquility of being with the herd and sharing in their everyday environment.

Visit, enjoy, and experience the alpaca lifestyle. You can visit the farm throughout the year.

We are open year round for tours and other functions.


Our Farm

Our farm was built from scratch, transforming gently rolling pasture-land to one of the few “purpose built” alpaca farms around. The radial farm layout allows direct access to food, water and shelter from each of the separate pastures. Second cut orchard grass hay is farmed by WestPark. A hydroponic wheatgrass fodder system provides for freshly grown food throughout the winter. From your visit, you’ll experience the atmosphere and learn about the care and feeding of a healthy and peaceful alpaca herd. You’ll be able to touch alpacas and feel samples of products generated from their fiber sheared annually at WestPark alpacas.

Monday, October 24, 2022